Staircase of Fiery Aloes

Staircase of Fiery Aloes leads the eye to a bell tower of the Old Mission. Founded on the Feast Day of Saint Barbara, December 4th, 1786, the original adobe mission was unpretentious and looked nothing like the masterpiece we see today, which is actually the fourth mission structure built on the site, compleated in 1820! Today's visitors enjoy tours of the mission and stroll through the Rose Garden in adjacent Mission Park, but few explore Mission Historic Park which lies to the right of the aloes seen here on Plaza Rubio. Ruins of the mission aqueduct, built by Chumash Indians in 1806, as well as the grist mill, filter house, reservoirs, tannery vats, and jail house lie abandoned in grassy fields, inviting a stroll through time.
photo by Cara Moore.
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